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Introducing the "Cocido Maragato 2.0"

La Lechería Restaurant presents the next step in the evolution of the "maragata" kitchen, the Cocido 2.0 adapted to changing times.

The dish even more importantly "maragata" society. This relic is preserved in its fundamentals dining from pre-Roman times, men who were in the garden and meats the main pantries. The myth has held these beliefs and the reality of every day confirms this. The long, slow cooking of fresh and cured meats and plenty of ingredients recommended to be eaten with as much patience as required preparation.
Cocido Maragato is the most popular, varies very little, compared to cooked and baked the wedding day of the feast of the town.
The Cocido Maragato 2.0 combines traditional and modern forms, textures and flavors.

Meet our Cocido Maragato 2.0, the "flagship"of food in Maragatería.

Posada Real La Lechería en Maragatería

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Posada Real La Lechería en Maragatería

The Cocido Maragato 2.0

The Cocido 2.0 is a concept developed in the kitchens of La Lechería, is to give you a twist on traditional Cocido, directing it towards more innovative experiences of the "nouvelle cuisine ".

To start, the Cocido Maragato 2.0 deals exclusively by internet, you can use any of our social profiles on Facebook or Twitter to reserve a date and the table for the number of guests.

The Cocido 2.0 comes with a bottle of Cava Rossé FREE, as the cellar is the perfect drink to accompany a cocido, improves texture and makes the experience more light.

The Cocido 2.0 includes all the traditional parts of cocido maragato, but with special care commodities, from premium quality meat, until creamy chickpeas "sparrow peak".

The Cocido Maragato 2.0 is served in the reverse order, as the conventional Cocido Maragato, keeping the old tradition, but also providing a stream of fresh air.

The Cocido 2.0 it´s only available from Thuesday to Thursday.

The cooked parts are:

The Cocido Maragato Ration:
Cocido 2.0The name comes from friendly to ration or allocate all present what is on the table. It has several different types of meat, sausage, nose, ears, bacon, ham, leg, rib, chicken, beef and black pudding stuffing (prepared with bread crumbs, garlic, strand of bacon, egg and parsley). All accompanied by tomato salad with olive oil and bread loaf.
The first act of eating meat, away from any kind of legend, is closer to the right of custom.
The meat found at the upper part of the pot, is the first thing you eat is not done, and passing to a bowl to eat the beans first, it would cool to be less tasty. In this way the people maragato wisely has incorporated this circumstance culinary gastronomic culture.

The cooked chickpeas are always sown in this land, tasty variety, tiny and very "buttery" in the table are presented in these dry going source separately, even after the diet.
A chickpeas accompanied them to contribute to its flavor, cabbage pot handle, special flavors and sprinkled with garlic sauce known as carrier.

It is the latter that is served. It has to do with thick noodles and the broth drained chickpeas. It is in this dish where you notice the good and delicious meat in the diet.
The real Cocido maragato soup so thick you to could be marked on the plate with a spoon the sign of the cross in sight of everyone present. This delicacy is advised for women and maternity cases.

Custard homemade and cake. Simple but natural with the charm of ancestral and the craftsman.

The Coffe
He took on special days. This is done in large pot to reach for all and cast with fine linen cloth. The media are rudimentary, but the purity of the elements and the hospitality of the people outweigh any deficiency if they really existed.

In each village had a tavern or inn, and many doors open to entertainment, as at present. Maragatos peoples have lost their caste, still preserving the legendary charm and the great mystery of the most unruly people of the Spanish Peninsula.

Everything noted above makes cooked lunches maragato a more complete and attractive traditional Spanish cuisine.

We recommend pre-commissioning.

Price menu 20 .

Drinks not included, except in the Cocido Maragato 2.0 which includes a bottle of champagne.

If you are not staying at the hotel, please book phone +34 987 635 073 / +34 665 814 463.

The Cocido 2.0 it´s only available from Thuesday to Thursday

For small events, consult.

See our Menu:

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