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Posada Real La Lechería en Maragatería
Posada Real La Lechería en Maragatería

Environment and Activities

From La Lechería, we offers you different proposals to enjoy their landscape, nature, culture, traditions, etc ...
Our privileged position and easy access to major roads will make any point in the province is closer than you might expect.

Places of interest are:
Astorga where the road to Santiago and the route of silver are intertwined: the palace of Gaudi, the spectacular cathedral, the chocolate museum, the Roman Museum ...
Val de San Lorenzo, Maragatería entrance, the town where sits the Inn, with a history closely linked with the textile and wool. Although you can visit various traditional textile mills, including the inn where you will enjoy actual demonstrations of the entire process.
A stroll through the streets with traditional architecture and own you move to another era. Local museums also deserve attention, dedicated to textiles and a permanent collection of watercolors from 1927 where the disciples of Sorolla reflected the lifestyles of the time.
Textile Museum Interpretation "The Communal Museum and Batan" The importance of Val de San Lorenzo is in the textile arts, which is what has made him famous and is the main attraction. This industry dates back to the seventeenth century, a time when the neighbors were devoted to weave cloth. In the nineteenth century there was a deep thrust to textile crisis of the Catalan industry, which led the residents to mechanize weaving looms and learn new techniques in workshops Palencia. Since 1858, its characteristics acquired great prestige blankets, receiving awards at the International Exhibition in Paris (1900).
In 1920 several craftsmen formed a community called the Community, to install the first modern mechanized factory, which currently holds the Interpretation Centre Textile. Associated with it is the Museum-Fuller, place the cloth after fulling tissues.

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Maragatería region with its unique architecture and cultural traditions that merge themselves in the most remote and enigmatic past. You can visit people as special as the Polvazares Castrillo, Santiago miles, Quintanilla de Somoza ... the special light that surrounds you sure that you engage the culture Like Iron Age, the Roman past and its buildings.

Camino de Santiago route which crosses the old ancient Europe. The World Heritage marrow and landscape of unique beauty. The biosphere reserve Ancares. The valley of silence and the Tebaida Berciana with Peñalba of Santiago. The blacksmith of Compludo. The city of León, its Gothic cathedral, the beauty of San Marcos and San Isidoro Romanesque only at 25minutes. Picos de Europa, Caves Valporquero, Babia ...

We offer customized plans for you, your partner or for the whole family, come visit us, tell us about your tastes and help you plan your vacation days taking as "base camp" La Lechería.


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Posada Real La Lechería en Maragatería
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